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Faith, Work, and #Ferguson: An Opportunity for Us?

Dr. Vincent Bacote offers helpful ecclesial reflections on Ferguson...

Apologetics Events

Can you defend your faith? You don't want to miss these great events coming up.

Rude Boy Meets Real Dad

Christian dad puts the slam on a whack pseudo-reggae band from Canada...

Real Life, etc. but NOT Real Pictures?

I have been asked a few times an interesting question about our stationary at church, specifically the Sunday bulletin. Why do we use stock photos? Why aren't there DRC selfies or whatever?

Suppose you get this project at work...

Suppose your boss, who is really interested in your career and wants you to be successful, gives you...

Happy Mother's Day Continuum

Mother's Day Sunday can be hard for some given the continuum of this life, so here's a special shout out to the DRC ladies.

Kid's Church: Samuel Resources

Kid's Church is continuing their survey through the Bible by studying the biblical books of Samuel. The parent resource has discussion questions, passages to read, suggested praise songs along with prayers and actions to practice. You can get a My Bible Survey Binder to store your children's class notes and make it easier to review and study the Bible.

Horus Ruins Christmas?

Have you heard the claim that the story of Jesus is just a myth stolen from paganism? Yeah, that's not true and here's a debunking of that in a funny format. Enjoy.

Lecturing With No Voice About Angels

I lost my voice before lecturing on angels. If I had my voice I would have said so much more and here it is.

Kid's Church: Judges and Ruth Study

Kid's Church began a study of the Old Testament books of Judges and Ruth this morning. We are excited to offer these resources to parents so families can study through the Bible together.