Men's Ministry

Del Rey Church takes ministry for men very seriously.  It is our passion to raise up men of character and faith to be a testimony for our world.


Every day, the world bombards men with mixed messages about success, relationships, and happiness. Now, more than ever, it takes grit to be the kind of men God wants us to be. We are here to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we pursue God’s design for manhood.


We meet once a week in a group called Men’s Fraternity (see below for more info) and we have periodically scheduled events like men’s breakfasts, service projects, retreats, and more to connect the men of our church into relationships that can be real and meaningful outside of the actual events themselves. We also encourage the men of our church to attend a Home Fellowship and find a regular ministry to volunteer in as a means to bless others.


In order to encourage and grow the men of our church in their faith, the Men's Ministry has a recommended reading list in our online store. These books are best read in community, so men grab another guy, pick a book, and discuss it while you go.  And stay tuned to the calendar for our next scheduled event.


We recommend that you continue in your development as a man in between semesters of our Men's Fraternity group. At a minimum, we hope you will carve out time to read. 

Even better, we encourage you to remain in fellowship with your frat brothers and discuss what you are reading together. Grab some guys, pick a book, and meet regularly for discussion, fellowship, accountability, and prayer. 

Rather than just assigning a book or two, I thought it would be best to provide more options in a book list. If I only suggested a couple books you may have already read them and be left feeling tempted to skip reading. Also, I have offered more options because different guys are at different places in their walk with God. I have broken down the books in 3 categories. Pick a category that interests you or even better pick the one you know little about and could use development. Once you have selected one of the 3 categories, you can then pick a book that catches your attention. While there are many books I would like to suggest for these categories, I have limited myself to 3 books for each category and I have only selected books that are easy reads. You have 5 months off, so it should be no problem to read a book or two or more. Enjoy!  Click here to view the Men's Ministry Book List






Rejects passivity

Rejects lust

Rejects debt

Rejects playing the victim

Rejects isolation

Rejects marriage mediocrity

Rejects parental passiveness

Rejects self-sufficiency

Rejects a meaningless life

Rejects a mid-life crises

Rejects individualism

Rejects doing church

Rejects racism

Rejects classism

Rejects injustice

Rejects retirement

Rejects irreligion

Rejects religion

Rejects one set of eyes on his life

Rejects pride

Reject ignorance

Rejects adultery

Rejects health passivity

Rejects evangelistic passivity

Rejects nationalism

Reject materialism

Rejects arrogance

Rejects people pleasing

Rejects safe and normal life

Rejects simply doing a job

Rejects conventional wisdom

Rejects earthly treasures

Rejects fear

Rejects lame family vacations

Rejects normal holidays

Rejects his children drifting

Rejects Biblical ignorance

Reject racism

Reject work-a-holism

Rejects religion

Rejects cheap escapes

Rejects insecurity

Rejects city passivity

Rejects a less than life

Rejects being soft and lame

Rejects cultural manhood

Pursues responsibility

Pursues purity

Pursues generosity

Pursues redeeming his past

Pursues community

Pursues loving his wife

Pursues discipling his kids

Pursues an abided relationship with Jesus

Pursues the work God has for him

Pursues the second half of life with a redemptive vengeance

Pursues the fight for something bigger than himself

Pursues being the church

Pursues being an anti-racist

Pursues a fight for the marginalized

Pursues justice

Pursues mentorship

Pursues the gospel

Pursues the gospel

Pursues friends and mentors

Pursues humility

Pursues wisdom

Pursues one woman for life

Pursues the stewardship of his body

Pursues the seeking and saving of the lost

Pursues being a World Christian

Pursues a gospel identity

Pursues a gospel identity and a disposition of humility

Pursues God pleasing and speaking the truth in love

Pursues a radical, adventure with Jesus

Pursues God’s unique design for his life

Pursues Jesus’ radical leadings

Pursues heavenly investments

Pursues trust

Pursues the creation of memorable moments

Pursues the creation of memorable moments

Pursues ceremony and the creation of  the rites of passage

Pursues a passionate knowledge of God’s Word

Pursues a gospel identity

Pursues a gospel identity

Pursues caring for widows, orphans and the marginalized

Pursues the noble pathways and the Giver of life

Pursues a gospel identity

Pursues the welfare and shalom of the city

Pursues God’s best for his life

Pursues and Fights for noble masculinity

Pursues the noble pathways and fights the noble fight