Kids Church on Sundays

Kid's Church meets on Sundays at 10AM, overlapping with our Sunday morning corporate worship service.  While we offer these for kids, we also welcome them into our main worship service at any age when a given child is ready.  In fact, we encourage you to disciple your kids in such a way that they see this as a joy, that is, the day when they are able to regularly join with the corporate church in gathering.


The Sunday morning class for kids is intended to be a supplement to the education kids are already receiving at home (as explained on our KID'S MINISTRY PAGE).  This point cannot be emphasized enough.  Parents must disciple their kids at home with intentional regularity and prayerful dependence on God.   For resources on family discipleship, we encourage you to pick up some resources on this page on our website. 


The Sunday morning Kid's Church is designed we cycle through the Bible every 3 years and we encourage parents to dig deeper into the Bible during the week with their kids and train them in theology as they do so.  Every Sunday we provide a handout of what your kids learned in Kid's Church as a handy way of stimulating coversation and further training at home.  


We want to be very clear in communicating to parents that our Sunday gathering for kids is not a replacement for discipleship in the home.  Without an active plan of discipleship in the home, your kids will be placed in harms way.  Please make sure you speak to us if you need help on the homefront and we will gladly connect you with a family who can model biblical discipleship for you.