Identity is so important.  The question, "who are you?", is foundational.  In response to this question, we answer:


We are a community

We are interested in us, that is, being a group and not a random collection of autonomous independent people.  We seek not to cater to the whims, tastes or demands of any one person, rather, we are a diverse community united as one and committed to group as a whole for God's glory.


We are a gospel people 

We talk about what this means on another page, but simply put we are joined together in the gospel.  The gospel is fundamental and central to our identity.  If you take that away, we would dissolve.  


We are a church 

The gospel of Jesus saves sinners and brings them into the church, which is made up of countless local churches around the world organized in biblical accordance and in apostolic continuation of the gospel.  We believe that the local church is the primary place for people to hear and experience the gospel, to grow in their faith, to serve and to build one another up, and to be equipped to work for the peace and prosperity of their cities and communities.


We are disciples 

The word disciple simply means a learner or apprentice.  As a church, we are committed to being and making disciples, that is, active apprentices of Jesus who are learning of Him and spreading Him.  Theologically, we explain that a disciple is an adopted child of the Father who joyfully walks by faith, obediently and lovingly existing to glorify the triune God and becoming more like the incarnate Son, Jesus, experiencing the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in tangible ways as a member of the church, living in biblical community and engaging the world with a biblical worldview for the sake of spreading the gospel in anticipation of the Lord's return.