Personal Studies

Personal study is an absolute must for the Christian life.  A genuine Christian cannot grow in faith, grace and marturity without study.  Of course, this is true for most things in life.  You cannot develop in anything without carving out time to study and really having access to good study resources.  


In order to assist you in your personal studies we have created this page to direct you to selected quality materials.  These materials are indispensable to discipleship in our community.  


Your Personal Study Plan


1.  Read the BIble

We recommend that you get a hold of a good English translation of the Bible and prefereably a good study Bible.  Here are some recommendations for good Bibles (CLICK HERE).  Also, we recommend using online Bibles for studying when you are behind your computer.  If you have the financial resources, we highly recommend purchasing Bible software for your computer (we recommend Logos software for both PC and Mac)..


2.  Listen to sermons

Of course, we recommend you listen to the sermons at Del Rey Church.  You can listen on our website or download them on itunes.  A good sermon should be listened to a few times to learn it well and let it sink in deeply into your heart and life.  We are certainly not the only "gig in town", so check out our recommendations for other preachers we enjoy.


3.  Read solid Christian books

We have an online store with our book recommendations on all the major subjects and areas for Christian discipleship.  We strongly encourage you to make it a discipline in your life to read and especially to read the books in this online store because they are simply awesome. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR ONLINE STORE.


4.  Utilize quality Christian resources on the internet

The internet is a strange place.  It is loaded with misinformation and whacked stuff.  Yet, it is also filled with very valuable and precise data for your faith in Christ.  We have created a recommend link page to get you started on some websites that we find to be indispensible resources for Christian growth.  We strongly encourage you to bookmark these links in your personal webbrowser and to frequent them regularly.  CLICK HERE FOR LINKS PAGE.   


5.  Subscribe to podcasts and blogs for regular study

There are many great podcasts that you should fill your MP3 player with and listen to regularly.  Also, there are some awesome blogs with great resources for you.  Take advantage of these free resources.  You will not regret it.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR PODCAST/BLOG PAGE.