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Supreme Court Cases on Same-Sex Marriage: Where the Church Goes from Here

In light of the recent supreme court cases on same-sex marriage, the question for churches is where do we go from here? Check out this helpful video.

Kid's Church Bible Survey 5/19

Parents, here is the Kid's Church Bible Survey lesson for the week

Kids Church 5/5/2013

Hey parents, here's our Kid's Church guide for your families to help you talk with your kids about today's lesson from church....

Men's Summit Information

Information about preparation, logistics, and travel for 2013 Del Rey Church Men's Summit at Forest Home on April 19-20.

Palm Sunday Circa 381-4

It's Palm Sunday! Ever wonder what Palm Sunday celebrations looked like in hundreds of years ago? Here's a sample from the 4th century.

Sermon on the Mount & Bonhoeffer

We are finishing our study on the famous Sermon on the Mount this weekend. This quote from Dr. Bonhoeffer seemed timely to share with you.

The Bleeding Of The Evangelical Church

The Evangelical Church of American culture is bleeding to death today. Listen to the diagnosis and prescription offered by the great theologian Dr. David Wells. Lord have mercy on us.


One of the best ways to avoid dealing with today’s challenges and difficulties is to get wrapped up in tomorrow’s.

Christ is Born: Come as a Child and Glorify Him!

My friend Dr. Reynolds offers a stimulating Christmas reflection on how Christmas returns us to first things. With his permission, we share this post with you to enjoy.

Can This Be Christmas?

Here's a short poem reminding us of the call to worship Christ in the midst of the hectic Christmas season.