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The Bleeding Of The Evangelical Church

The Evangelical Church of American culture is bleeding to death today. Listen to the diagnosis and prescription offered by the great theologian Dr. David Wells. Lord have mercy on us.


One of the best ways to avoid dealing with today’s challenges and difficulties is to get wrapped up in tomorrow’s.

Christ is Born: Come as a Child and Glorify Him!

My friend Dr. Reynolds offers a stimulating Christmas reflection on how Christmas returns us to first things. With his permission, we share this post with you to enjoy.

Can This Be Christmas?

Here's a short poem reminding us of the call to worship Christ in the midst of the hectic Christmas season.

Men's Group Studies

The last two weeks at Men's Group we watched some videos from John Piper. We wanted to post them here for further consumption. Enjoy!

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats?

Here's a great word from the legendary preacher Charles Spurgeon on the lure of entertainment in the church.

The Duty of Pastors

We have been talking about preaching at church lately, listen to what heavyweight Puritan theologian Dr. John Owen said about the duty of pastors to preach.

False Prophets in Jeremiah

Lies can be lethal. This was something the ancient prophet Jeremiah understood. In this blog post, we explore the message of the false prophets in the book of Jeremiah.

Brains, Souls, and Free Will

Do humans have souls? Is there such a thing as immaterial souls? If so, what exactly is a soul? Check out this post.

The End For Which God Created The World

Why was the world created? What is its chief end? In the late 1700s, theologian Jonathan Edwards wrote a powerful answer to these important questions.