To the Bride and Groom,

Thank you for your interest in our Wedding Ministry at Del Rey Church. We want to offer assistance in planning your wedding ceremony and making your wedding day a joyous and memorable occasion.

Care is taken to ensure that each couple receives spiritual and biblical guidelines about marriage and God’s expectations when entering into the covenant of marriage. It is our goal that every wedding performed at Del Rey Church be Christ-honoring, and the Wedding Ministry staff is committed to working with each couple to see that their wedding ceremony is worshipful and meaningful.

Getting Started – Scheduling Your Wedding

1. Contact us at or (310)823-4275 to assist in date and time selections. Your request will be forwarded to the pastoral staff for approval and the church calendar will be reviewed for availability.

2. Complete a wedding application. 

3. Arrange an appointment with the Director of Weddings to discuss the details of your wedding. At this appointment, important information relating to church policies, guidelines, and procedures will be explained and we will answer any questions you have and address any special needs concerning your special day. The Director will also assign a Coordinator to work directly with you in planning your wedding.

4. Schedule an appointment with a DRC Pastor. 

Please understand that the Director of Weddings cannot complete the final confirmation of your wedding until a pastor has agreed to officiate. It is your responsibility to schedule this appointment directly with his office.

If you desire that someone other than a DRC pastor perform your ceremony, discuss this with the Director of Weddings. Only ordained evangelical ministers of like faith and practice will be permitted to perform a wedding ceremony at DRC. In the case of a visiting pastor, a DRC Pastor will serve as Host Pastor to welcome guests, affirm the importance of marriage, and represent the authority of DRC leadership.

5. Final wedding scheduling will be done by the Director of Weddings after receiving approval of the wedding from the officiating pastor and confirming the couple’s commitment to Mentoring. All couples are expected to participate in premarital mentoring prior to their wedding.

It is our prayer that you enjoy this special time of planning and preparation and it’s a privilege to encourage you as you are making this important, life-changing decision.