Gospel Faith

The Gospel is the "good news" of Christ’s mysterious entry into this world by the plan and power of God. There is only one God who exists. He created this world and all that is in it out of nothing, caring deeply for His creation. This eternal God exists in three equal and real persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This true and living God watched as the world He created fell into sin and rebellion against Him, deserving death and divine punishment. Before the foundations of the world, God planned to redeem the fallen creation. This plan of redemption is the gospel. The Father sent the Son through the miraculous work of the Spirit to enter into the creation as full human born of a virgin. This human is the historic man, Jesus of Nazareth. Though fully human, He remained fully God in the one person of the Son. Unlike the forefathers of humanity, Jesus lived a perfect life, never falling into sin. As a holy innocent man, Jesus preached the gospel and then literally lived it out.  He willingly allowed Himself to be crucified by those He came to save. He died on the cross to pay for the penalty of our sins. Then He rose from the dead, showing that the penalty was paid, and breaking the power of sin.

This news of the Son incarnating into a human, dying for sin and rising from the dead, leaves us all in a position to respond to Jesus. There is no middle ground position. Either we deny that He came, or we believe in the evidence of his coming. Either we look away from His death, or we look to it in repentance. When Jesus spoke of the gospel, He called His hearers to believe in Him as God, Lord, and Savior, and turn away from their sins. Either we reject the belief that Christ rose from the dead, or we subscribe to it. These events are not value-neutral. Neither is our response to them. And believing in Him is powerful and life changing. This means that the true believer is marked by obedience to Jesus and the power of His redeeming work.

To aid you in your consideration of the gospel, we encourage you to check out this link to a helpful multimedia presentation of this message entitled Two Ways to Live. It is our hope that this presentation answers your questions about God and His claim on your life. Are you a repentant believer in Jesus? Or are you a dispassionate witness to a crime your own sin helped commit? Remember, your soul will live forever. Are you ready for eternity?

Two Ways to Live