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The Christ of Christmas is Historic

These are great lectures on the historical Jesus by Dr. J.P. Moreland. Listen, learn and enjoy these lectures as we celebrate the fact that Christmas is a fact.

Christ-Centered Bible Reading

At Del Rey Church, we talk a lot about reading the Bible with a Christocentric lens... Check out this helpful list of books on this vitally important topic.

The Basic of Song

We just finished the Back to Basic series, but an important basic I didn't get the time to develop, because it is really a series on its own. It is the basic of singing.

Del Rey Parochial School Enrolls its First Student!

Del Rey Parochial Academy enrolls its first student.

Kid's Church Exodus

Kid’s Church is currently working through an 11-week study through the book of Exodus. We are currently in the middle of our Exodus study which is a part of a grander 3-year study through the Bible. Use this outline to guide your family discipleship through Exodus.

Supreme Court Cases on Same-Sex Marriage: Where the Church Goes from Here

In light of the recent supreme court cases on same-sex marriage, the question for churches is where do we go from here? Check out this helpful video.

Kid's Church Bible Survey 5/19

Parents, here is the Kid's Church Bible Survey lesson for the week

Kids Church 5/5/2013

Hey parents, here's our Kid's Church guide for your families to help you talk with your kids about today's lesson from church....

Men's Summit Information

Information about preparation, logistics, and travel for 2013 Del Rey Church Men's Summit at Forest Home on April 19-20.

Palm Sunday Circa 381-4

It's Palm Sunday! Ever wonder what Palm Sunday celebrations looked like in hundreds of years ago? Here's a sample from the 4th century.