Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Del Rey Church Youth Ministry Page


Del Rey Church seeks to serve students in grades 6-12 on Tuesday nights for a few hours of Games, Bible Study, Fellowship, and Friendship. 

Our culture is not getting any better, any more holy, or any closer to the one true God; It is literally unraveling at the seems. It is right to mourn for the world of our next generation, but while we mourn, we want to fight to proclaim the truth. It is true that the darker it gets, even the slightest of light can shine brightly. We pray that as our youth are beginning to think independently about the Triune God, the fallen world, and the hope of the gospel, that they too can see through the shadows of our culture and into the truth of scripture. We here as a partner to help parents and students, by the sovereign mercy and grace of God, to build your students to be lights now, and into the future.

Here is what our schedule looks and what you can expect at DRC Youth Group on Tuesday Nights.

Tuesday Nights!

During the regular school semester we meet on campus at Del Rey Church

6:30 - 7:00 Students arrive and play around (ping pong, snacks, skateboard,
basketball, chat)
7:00 - 7:45 - Group game with the whole youth group
7:45-8:30 - Time of teaching/study
8:30-9:00 - Small group time separated by age/gender

4th Tuesdays!

On the 4th Tuesday of each month we Meet at an off campus location as "Youth Community Groups" to study a related topic, and the schedule is similar to our regular night, only it is at a specific location, usually a host home of one of the students.











5th Tuesdays!

If the month has 5 Tuesdays, then we have a night dedicated to Games, Worship, Prayer and the public reading of scripture.

Youth Group Summer Fun!

During out summer Months- Usually the last Tuesday in June and through the whole month of July we have various activities. Usually we will meet at Dockweiler beach for a Youth Bonfire, or maybe we will go bowling, or to Skyzone. These events are great for students coming into 6th or 7th grade and are new to youth group. It is also a great opportunity to invite friends who might now know much about church or youth group.



Other Fun and Excitement!

Besides our regular time together, we also attend annual conferences, winter camps, camping trips, holiday parties and so much more. We try to offer the best possible place for your student to connect with other Christians and to assist parents by supplimenting godly council and wisdom through our amazing youth leadership team.













We plan many activities for our youth, but we know as well as we plan, the Lord directs out steps. So in sum, our Youth Ministry is here to help Christian families and to assist kids from non-Christian homes in connecting with Christian families.  The primary youth pastor in a students life should be their father and mother.  Our Youth Ministry Team is like your personal assistant pastor to help you in raising up your kids.  To assist you in your calling as a parent, we have host weekly Bible studies and social gatherings for the youth.  You are welcome to attend and we encourage you to interact with our staff and curriculum as a means to assist you in training your child(ren) in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.


For more information on the current youth Calendar, or Youth Philosophy of Ministry, contact Ryan at