Youth Ministry


At Del Rey Church, we take seriously the Scripture's command to train up the next generation in the nurture and admonition to the Lord.  With this in mind, we cannot help but to be deeply troubled by the trends reported in surveys showing:

• Over half of all church-going teens abandon their faith after high school.
• As few as one in 10 possesses a biblical view of God and the world.
• Bible knowledge among college students has plummeted to all-time lows.
• The majority of children from Christian homes leave the church by age 19.

Unfortunately, these are more than mere statistics. They represent millions of young people around the country.  You might personally know young adults who have fallen away from God. The crisis they face – and that churches and parents must confront – is all too real.  By contrast, most kids who have been discipled by parents and who are actively involved in youth programs at church that supplement their home training continue to faithfully follow Jesus as adults. 

We wholeheartedly want to emphasize that this command is given to parents, that is, we understand that it is the job of the parents to train their kids in the faith and not the job of a youth program in a local church.  And yet, we also believe the command to train the youth is one given to a community, so we see Youth Ministry as a support ministry for supplementing and aiding the education of the youth that is already happening at home by biblically equipped Christian parents.  

We also recognize that many kids do not have Christian homes, so we want our Youth Ministry to be an outreach for them and a place to connect these kids with Christian homes, because the best discipleship for the youth happens in the home and not via periodic programs.  

All of this to say, our Youth Ministry is here to help Christian families and to assist kids from non-Christian homes in connecting with Christian families.  The primary youth pastor in a kid's life should be their father and mother.  Our Youth Ministry Team is like your personal assistant pastor to help you in raising up your kids.  To assist you in your calling as a parent, we have host weekly Bible studies and social gatherings for the youth.  You are welcome to attend and we encourage you to interact with our staff and curriculum as a means to assist you in training your child(ren) in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.





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