Claris Health

The Organization

Claris Health

The Mission

Claris Health is a non-profit and community-based organization on a mission to equip and care for individuals and their families before, during, and after pregnancy and sexual-health choices. The word “Claris” means clarity or brightness, and that is exactly what Claris offers the community through medical care, counseling, education, and ongoing support. They provide low to no cost medical, mental health, education, parenting and support services to women, men, and families with children under the age of five. Claris Health operates out of the West L.A. and South L.A. communities.

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Recent Updates

In 2018 Claris launched a prenatal care program, based on the Centering Pregnancy model.  This group-based model of care is known to reduce rates of infant and maternal mortality and postpartum depression and increase rates successful breastfeeding, and healthy bonding.

Claris is positioned within in a network of over 190 community partners, offering extended services including housing, legal, trauma, specialized medical care and much more.

By the end of 2019, Claris will launch a mobile medical unit as a new satellite Claris facility. This custom vehicle will visit locations in LA that are known for having poor access to medical care It will also serve as a funnel for patients seeking ongoing care to transition from outlying communities into their permanent locations in Inglewood and West Los Angeles.