Study and worship at home

It would be incredibly hard and impossible for most to master advanced algebra by studying it for an hour once a week on Sundays.  


Tragically, many treat their Christian faith this way, only studying on Sundays when the church is gathered.  And ironically, many of such persons will wonder why their are not growing in their faith, why they are defeated by sin, discouraged and lacking joy.  


Of course, growing in the Christian faith entails a variety of things and all of them are mysteriously and supernaturally saturated by the Holy Spirit.  One of such things is personal study time and worship at home.  To help you develop and grow in your personal studies, we have created this webpage and adjoing subpages to put resources in your hands that will edify your soul and equip your mind.  


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.  


May the LORD bless you as you learn of Him and study His word.