Justice For All

The Organization

Justice For All

Why do we support them?

The Sixth Commandment. Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder”

The Mission

Justice For All (JFA) is a non-profit educational organization that partners with local church communities to train followers of Christ to make abortion unthinkable. JFA aims to make abortion unthinkable through conversations with pro-choice advocates – conversations in which the contentious debate about abortion is transformed into a dialogue. For JFA staff and volunteers, the goal of any conversation is to balance love and truth in such a way that minds are changed, lives are saved, and healing from past failures can begin to be embraced.

In every moment of every conversation JFA volunteers and staff members create, they’re attempting to balance love and truth. For them, it’s not that they focus on being loving during one portion of the conversation and then focus on being truthful during another portion. They’re attempting to balance love for all of the people involved (for the unborn, for the person they’re talking to, and for the women and men struggling with unplanned pregnancies) with the truth regarding each of the people involved. This means that they’re trying to keep in mind that if the unborn is a human being deserving their best efforts to protect them, then we must also remember that the advocate of abortion choice is a human being deserving our best efforts to understand and respect him or her. Even if no one who is confronting an unplanned pregnancy is present in the conversation, they urge everyone in the discussion to remember that they are human beings worth their best efforts to give practical help, to sympathize, and engage in respectful dialogue. And those with abortion in their past? They also are human beings, and this truth directs how they talk about their actions, how they seek to understand them, and how they prioritize offering opportunities for deeper reflection and healing.

JFA believes that training thousands of advocates to create thousands of this type of conversation every year is one essential part of bringing into being a different kind of world, one in which abortion is just as unthinkable for a strong majority of Americans as are slavery and sex trafficking. For JFA, everything they do is aimed at this goal of loving every human being with such a passion that abortion is unthinkable.

They long to see, and participate in bringing about, a world in which delighting in every human being is the norm, in which we as individuals and as a community give, sacrifice, and suffer willingly for the good of those in need.

To learn more about Justice For All, visit them at www.jfaweb.org.