Exploring the Faith?

Del Rey Church is a safe place for nonbelievers to wrestle through doubts (and even for believers to wrestle through doubts) and to ask questions about what it means to follow Jesus.  

The Christian life begins very simply by receiving Jesus and repenting of sin.  This first step is often one that many are not yet ready for. They have questions and emotions that need to be addressed. Jesus himself never pressured people to follow Him without considering the cost it would entail. He was surrounded by people who did not believe in Him. He welcomed that so that He could share His love and His message. In this sense, many people go through a journey of exploration before receiving the gift of salvation.  

We believe God is sovereign and in control of our crazy lives, so the journey is a safe place to be. If you are not a believer, you can still fit in with Del Rey Church as you take the time to consider the cost of following the historic Jesus and get a chance to experience the community of His followers at Del Rey Church. And PLEASE feel free to ask questions.