In having a webpage titled "What We Do", we want to be very clear that 'what we do' flows from 'who we are'.  We are concerned with 'the who', more than 'the what' and yet, both should go hand-in-hand.  The problem is that some will tell you 'who' they are and at the same time 'what' they do does not match.  We correctly call people like this hypocrites.  On the other side of it, some say 'what they do' and yet 'who they are' in realitty does not match their actions.  For example the person who gives charitably to the poor, but is a jerk at home.  At Del Rey Church we strive to walk consistently, being real about who we are as we strive to live that out practically.  

In addition to the above clarification, we are concerned that having a webpage "What We Do" does not serve to draw the worst out in our culture.  It should be no surprise to you that our Western affluent culture is very consumeristic.  Unfortunately, the majority of churches in American have become spiritual consumerist mega-marts offering cheap and bulky religion.  Think about it, the number one reason people leave churches is because “I’m not getting fed.” “They don’t have the programs I want.” Our culture is so consumer driven that we expect our faith to be the same. Yet, Jesus over and over called his disciples to die for him, to lose their lives, to take up their crosses.

True biblical Christianity is an enemy of consumeristic gluttony.  Sadly, what happens in churches is that people strive to have as many programs and ministries as they can possibly have (the thinking is to have more than the church down the street). What that leads to is a church that just takes and takes instead of serves and gives.  Biblical Christianity is all about discipleship.  A consumer is not a disciple, and a disciple is not a consumer.

The problem with the consumer church is that you fill up your calendar with church things and then you are never loving people in real community and sharing the gospel with those outside the community.  Instead, you only know people who attend your church. I often get asked why we are simple and don’t have a long list of ministries for people to plug into. The answer is, “We want you to grow in your faith and the best way to do that is through a very simple discipleship lifestyle.  And this is what this "What We Do" is all about.