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Bird's Eye View of Romans

Dr. Bird gives a bird's eye view of the Epistle to the Romans and it's fantastic!

Thank God for this DRC Brother

Del Rey Church is truly blessed to have this brother in our congregation....

Prayer and the Great Commission: Who will pray?

In October of last year, I preached a sermon on the great commission (A Missionary God, A Missionary People). One of the points of application centered around being obedient to the mandate to plant churches among all unreached and unengaged people groups in the world, by being a church

DRC loves other news from the elders

Pastor Matt's sermon kicking off National Adoption Month led to an outpouring of generosity from the church toward adoption assistance. In other news, the elders have been moving forward on ministry housing, church facility expansion, and missions.

Colleen Butcher Memorial

This week our dear sister Colleen Butcher entered the presence of Christ. As we mourn, reflect upon this obituary and the life of our sister.

What We're For: God, Marriage, and Gospel

In light of the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the U.S., I do not assume that everyone knows what the Bible teaches and therefore what I believe about marriage. In my sermon at Del Rey Church on June 28, 2015, I explained what we Bible-believing Christians are for.

Nepal Earthquake

A member of our church is in Nepal right now investigating the damage caused by the earthquake. Here is an update from him.

Gospel of Matthew for Kids Church

NEW TESTAMENT in 2015 with Kids' Church: We are studying through the Gospel of Matthew in Kids' Church just like we are in our main worship service and that is so exciting. Learn more from the parent resources on how to study Matthew with your children.

Faith, Work, and #Ferguson: An Opportunity for Us?

Dr. Vincent Bacote offers helpful ecclesial reflections on Ferguson...

Apologetics Events

Can you defend your faith? You don't want to miss these great events coming up.