Community Outreach

As a practical outworking of our belief in God's common grace and the Great Commandment to love our neighbors, we are quite interested in being a blessing to our neighborhood.  Hence, we regularly work together to plan projects in the community to reach out to others outside of our church family to bless others.  


Below you will see a list of some of the outreach events we regularly host in the neighborhood.  We invite you to get involved and help us as we reach out to others.  To find out more about these events, please contact our church office.



food-pantryWhile our immediate neighborhood is rather affluent, we do regularly serve the poor who come to our campus for help.  Hence, we run a modest food pantry to feed the hungry during the week, as well as to help people who have fallen on hard times in our community with needed groceries.  We gather groceries every Sunday from the church and dispense them throughout the week. 




health-clinicWe consider compassionate care to the elderly, especially widows, to be a non-negotiable as an expression of God's love to others.  A great need among the elderly is to have health resources.  Every year we host a health clinic on our campus that provides the elderly with affordable and accessible health screening, which is preventative in nature and desirious by many seniors in our neighborhood.




toy-driveDel Rey Church often runs toy drives to benefit local charities that bless families with needs around the holidays.  






adoption-services-pictOur church has a heart for adoption, because we worship a God who has a heart for orphans.  As a part of our outreach at DRC, we regualrly sponsor adoption agencies and bring resources to the community to raise awareness and give training about adoption and fostering.  





community-gathering-pictOur campus is offered to the neighborhood free of charge for events that bless others.  We regularly host little league meetings and local scout meetings as a way to bless groups in our neighborhood.






fatherdaughterpromEvery year we host a prom for dads in our community, to encourage fatherhood and paternal involvement in the home.  We want to bless families by giving them a fun night to remember and share with these homes about the presence of our church in community.  The prom is a blast.  The music is fun.  The food is tasty. And seeing daughters with their dads is priceless.





harvestpartyWe typically host a party in October to be a blessing to our community.  When the resources are available in our budget, we go all out to bless our neighborhood with social atmosphere that is edifying and screams out - "Hey, there is a church here that loves you."