Mark Your Calendars

The last Sunday of the month is going to be a special day! We’re having a BBQ after the second church service to celebrate and we hope everyone will come.

What are we celebrating? Well, we’re actually celebrating a few things. First, we are celebrating Pastor Gary Williams and his years of faithful service at Del Rey Church. August the 27th will be his last Sunday, as he is moving out of town, so we want to give thanks to God for him and pray over him as the Williams say goodbye. Second, we are celebrating Atlas Hardy, who we are ordaining to gospel ministry as a pastor (make sure you read this). Third, we are celebrating Bell Sarian, who has made Del Rey Church history as our very first graduate of the Del Rey Parochial Academy. Finally, we are celebrating the welcoming of some new members in our church. Praise God!

As you can see, we have a lot to celebrate, so make sure not to miss church service and the BBQ on the 27th. Also, since we’re welcoming new members and since it’s that time of the year when we have family business meeting, the plan is to call a formal quorum to vote in the new members and have a short business update on church finances.  It’s going to be a full and fun Sunday.  Above all, on Sundays when we gather we place emphasis on the reading and preaching of Scripture, communion, prayer and corporate song, so come ready to worship. In the first service, I will preach on faithfulness in the church and we’ll pray over the Williams, a couple who have modeled faithfulness to us for decades. In the second service, I will preach on eldership in the church and we’ll pray over Atlas as we ordain him in gospel ministry as an elder. During announcements we will pray over Bell, giving thanks to God for her. In the BBQ/family meeting, we will welcome new members and get some church updates as we eat. And we’ll finish with some deserts – we’re hoping to have three delicious cakes to celebrate Atlas, Bell and the Williams. 

So, mark your calendars for the 27th as we gather in worship and celebration of God’s work in His word and His church.