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Songs for this Sunday

Songs for musical worship for Sunday, October 25, 2020       Come Behold the Wo...

Election of New Church Board Officers

Read, pray, and consider the nominations of the Nominating Committee of Del Rey Church for vacating seats on the Church Board.

COVID Preschool Tour

With the COVID pandemic, we are following CDC guidelines and taking measures to serve the children of essential workers in our community with quality childcare and preschool.

Quarantine Pastoring in 2020

A co-laborer in the gospel and friend of Del Rey Church, Pastor Chad Vegas of Sovereign Grace Church in Bakersfield, recently posted a message to his church members about what it has been like pastoring in 2020 through COVID and the polarization of responses to it. With Pastor Chad’s permission, we are sharing his post here for the Del Rey Church saints and readers of our blog online, in hopes to foster a spirit of grace and patience in these trying times. For those of you who have been walking in unity with the church this year and coming to our worship services the last few months we

Catechism Songs and Resources

Del Rey Church is excited to share free resources to encourage the church to memorize the New City Catechism. Our desire as a church is to encourage individuals and families to memorize the New City Catechism together as a part of discipleship. We are sharing songs for the full version of the catechism and activity sheets to use for your discipleship.

Church of Tares

Please watch this video! Pastor Matt just wrapped up the S.O.S. series calling for the church to awaken to the mess done in the name of preaching and this video is an excellent wrap up.

Zoom Class on Bible & Homosexuality

You're invited to join an exciting online class on the Bible and Homosexuality on Tuesday or Thursday nights on Zoom this fall.

Family Discipleship 2020

During this season of self-isolation our desire is to continue to resource families with the same family discipleship materials that the church has already been using. This post will provide links to our weekly Home Discipleship documents. Included will be our catechism worksheets, Bible survey materials, and a sermon notetaking page.

A Day to Fast and Pray (The Gospel Coalition)

  The Gospel Coalition has organized a day of fasting and prayer tomorrow April 4, 2020. https...

Celebrate Passover Online with DRC's beloved Dr. Zaretsky

Along with Easter, there is another important biblical holiday upon us. It is Passover. Understanding the scriptural significance of this is key for our worship and witness. That said, please join us as we celebrate and learn about Passover online via livestream with DRC's beloved Dr. Zaretsky.