Belonging at Del Rey Church happens organically as you come.  Belonging is a fruit of showing up and dwelling with others in humility, grace and truth.  The more you come and lovingly engage, the more you belong.  You progressively move from saying "I went to Del Rey Church this past Sunday" into saying "That's my church and I live life with them."  


Here are a few suggested steps to belonging in community with us:

1.  Show up on Sundays.

2.  Trust in Christ.

3.  Participate regularly in a Community Group.

4.  Serve in a ministry.

5.  Attend the Membership Class and join as a member.  


Belonging at church is important because it ties in with the glory of God.  A wise pastor, Kevin DeYoung, wrote in a blog post about the "Glory of God and Going to Church."  In this insightful post, Pastor DeYoung explains belonging in light of God's glory.  He writes:


"The local church is the hope of the world. Unless we are physically unable, every Christian should be a part of a church. The church is where Christ gets glory (Eph. 3:21) and where we (not just I) shine as lights in the world (Phil. 2:15). The New Testament assumes that believers belong, not just to the church universal, but  to a specific community of Christians. That’s why Paul wrote nine of his thirteen letters to churches and why each church in Revelation is represented by an individual lampstand. God’s plan has always been to establish a people, not simply a loose assortment of individuals."  --Kevin DeYoung


In light of the above, we desperately hope that all who call upon the Lord in this place will belong to His body here and enjoy that through this local church Christ gets glory.


You can B.E.L.O.N.G.

Become a child of God in the gospel of Jesus
Enjoy God alone above all things are your supreme treasure
Live life in the context of other Christians on mission for the gospel
Offer your time and resources to disciple others and build the local church
Nurture relationships within the community to bless the broken 
Grow in biblical maturity and knowledge of sound doctrine