Community Group Locator

Finding a Community Group is not hard….

Community Groups meet in selected homes throughout Los Angeles and at different times during the week. Finding and joining a Community Group is very simple. If you know someone at Del Rey Church who is already in one, then ask to tag along to the next study. 

Tap on any of the purple icons on the map to find out when, where, and how to contact each group.



Send a message. If contacting the groups using the info on the map doesn't work, you can contact us at the church office ( or 310-823-4275) and we’ll help you find a Community Group that fits you. We can put you touch directly with a group or two, and they will be able to answer questions you might have.

Attend the Community Group. Remember to bring a Bible, pen, and the Sunday bulletin (which has notes and things in it).

If you feel nervous at first, don't worry, most people do. The leader or host of the Community Group can help to make you feel more welcome.

All of the Community Groups have a similar format. However, they all have their own personality. Some provide childcare, some have no kids in them, so please call first if you have childcare needs.

We hope that you will give Community Groups a try and experience the love, fellowship and mission of our congregation. Find one nearest you and plan to visit. You will be warmly welcomed and invited to be part of the family at Del Rey Church.


See you there!!!