Intro to Preschool





For close to fifty years, our church has been on this corner serving the needs of our community. About 15 years ago, our neighborhood experienced a boom in young families. They expressed a need for a good quality preschool. We began praying and planning to find the best way to serve this need and to discover how we could be a blessing to the little ones of our community.


In 1995, our prayers and plans came to fruition as we officially launched the Del Rey Christian Children's Center (DRCCC). For over a decade, DRCCC has come alongside families who are committed to offering their children the very best opportunities to learn and grow. 


As a branch of the Del Rey Church, DRCCC provides families not only with a first-class education but also a moral and spiritual experience of a lifetime. We offer an academically solid, thoroughly Christian education that is saturated with love for your kids and your home.





The DRCCC is a year-around school.  We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, except holidays and other scheduled closures. Parents must arrange drop off and pick-up within these hours according to their child's schedule. A late fee will be charged to any full-day child picked up after 5:00pm or any part-day child picked up after 12:00pm.





As a ministry of the Del Rey Church, Del Rey Christian Children's Center exists to:

  • Equip each child with skills that are appropriate for their age group, including but not limited to: listening, self-control, social ability, and creative self-expression.
  • Encourage the development of the whole child in ways that enable children to be more mature persons and to feel secure in the love of God and his Son Jesus Christ.
  • Teach Christian Truths related to the experience and the level of development of each child.
  • Foster self-confidence, concern for others, cooperation in work and play, a spirit of sharing, and living a life that is pleasing to God.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of Christian love where a child's God-given capabilities may be developed to the utmost.





Our curriculum is rooted in our Philosophy of Christian Education. In addition to our Christian heritage, we approach our curriculum with a modified Developmental Philosophy of Early Childhood Education. Essentially, this means that we believe in learning through play, and accordingly, play is a HUGE part of the day. 
DRCCC offers a full range of programs for your child including age-specific curriculums for Infants, Toddlers, Two- and Three-Year-Olds, and Pre-Kindergarten children. All classes are grouped by age and are designed to be developmentally stimulating for all children. 
Our child-centered curriculum combines teacher-guided activities with ample time for free choice, socialization, and play. We meet each child at his or her developmental level and strive to provide a stimulating, creative, and discovery-oriented environment where learning is achieved through play. We emphasize the whole child and value each child's unique traits. 
On a daily basis, your child will experience language arts, literature, early math concepts, creative art projects, dramatic play, as well as gross and fine motor activities. Please refer to the Daily Schedule to see a sample day at our school. This schedule will give you an idea of the content of our program and a general sequence of events.