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Frequently Asked Questions for Preschool



  • How to schedule a Parent Conference
  • What should I bring on the first day?
  • Suggestions for the first day
  • How should I dress my child for school?
  • What should I pack for lunch?
  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Daily Health Check
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Is there a naptime?
  • What about potty training? 



How to Schedule a Parent Conference

The director and child's teacher are available for conferences during normal operating hours.  Please feel free to set up a personal conference regarding your child at any time. In addition to "spur of the moment" conferences, our Director and teachers may establish scheduled conferences as needed to keep you informed of your child's growth and communicate any needs that your child may require. Our goal is to build and maintain an open line of communication between your family and ours. 

What should I bring on the First Day?


. Two extra changes of clothing (including shirt, pants, socks, underwear)
. Sunscreen
. Sheet and blanket
. Lunch (unless it is hot lunch day)
. Jacket (weather appropriate)
. Emergency Kits (see registration packet for Kit check- list)
. Diapers- enough for at least a week (if applicable)
. Wipes- enough for at least a week (if applicable)


. Two extra changes of clothing (including shirt, pants, socks, etc)
. Jacket
. Sunscreen
. Five sheets
. Blanket(s)
. Two Pacifiers (if needed)
. Formula and/or pre-made/ pumped milk
. Bottle and Nipple
. Lunch (if appropriate)
. Emergency Kits (see registration packet for Kit check- list)
. Diapers-enough for at least a week 
. Wipes- enough for at least a week 
The School will provide a "cubby" for your child to store these items.

Suggestions for the first Day

We all become a bit nervous about our first day in many of life's experiences, so it is not unusual for your child to feel somewhat anxious about their first day of school. The first day of school is a milestone in your child's future attitude towards school and a healthy part of their development.
You can help your child prepare by beginning to talk about school a few days in advance. Positive suggestions about school and your child's experiences in school will serve to excite and encourage your child to desire to go to and participate in school. 
We invite parents to stay with their child as long a necessary on that first day. Expect some extra fussiness during the adjustment period. It is hard to predict what your child's response with be to this new situation. Some children need a longer transition time to adjust to new circumstances. We want you to be able to say "good-bye" and have your child comfortable with you leaving.

We ask that you be patient and caring, and dedicate some time to preparing your child for this experience and for a positive start at school.
Our goal is that your child will discover the world outside of their immediate family and all it has to offer. Our prayer is that we will be able to help your child establish loving friendships, acceptable social behavior, and dedication to the Lord.
We look forward to a great first day as well as an exciting and rewarding school year with you and your family.
How should I dress my child for school?

Children should arrive at school dressed in comfortable clothing that the child can manage and that permits active and messy play. Please have children wear closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes work best) in order to protect their feet. We require that you leave a few changes of clothing in your child's cubby in case of an accident or messy activity.  Please don't forget to LABEL all clothing.

Hot Lunch Program

For children ages two and up, we have available a weekly hot lunch program. We pass out order forms in advance for families to order the hot lunches they desire for their child to eat. We must receive your order by its due date (stated on the order form) to secure your child's hot lunch. Lunch orders are placed in advance, so late orders cannot be accepted.

What should I pack for lunch?

Parents are responsible for their child's daily lunch needs. Please label your child's lunch for easy identification. We ask that you select your child's lunch with consideration for nutrition and good health. When packaging lunches, please remember that food cannot be refrigerated or re-heated; ice packs or thermoses should be used when appropriate.

Here are some suggestions for lunches:

. Fresh Fruit:  apples, pears, peaches, oranges, pineapples, bananas, grapes, avocados, tomatoes
. Raw Vegetables:  carrots, celery, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers
. Dried Fruits:  raisins, prunes, dates, figs
. Sandwiches: cheese, cold cuts, egg, tuna, turkey, peanut butter
. Other Ideas:  yogurt, crackers, salads, 
. Drinks: juice, milk, water

Foods that WILL NOT BE PERMITTED include (but are not limited to the following:

. High sugar treats such as fruit gummies, candy, cupcakes, brownies, etc
. Also; popcorn, hotdog coins, soda

If these foods are sent, they will be sent home in your child's lunch box.

Also, keep in mind that included in your child's tuition is the cost of daily snacks that are served in the mornings and afternoons.  It typically consists of a combination of the following: juice, milk, crackers, muffins, vegetables, and/or fruit. Please refer to our monthly newsletter for an exact breakdown of the weekly snack schedule. On occasion, we do cooking projects with your children. They get to eat what they made snack time in addition to the usual snack.

Daily Health Check

A health check will be given to each child each day to detect any illness. If your child is ill, he/she must remain at home. For the protection of all the children at DRCCC, we cannot accept any child showing any signs or symptoms of illness. If a child starts to show any signs of illness at school, they will be sent home IMMEDIATELY.

Signs or symptoms of illness include, but are not limited to:

. Fever over 100 degrees within the last 24 hours
. Any rash or skin irregularities
. Diarrhea (more than two loose bowel movements in a 2-hour period) within the last 24 hours
. Thick or colored discharge from the eyes, ears, or nose
. Deep, persistent, or wet cough
. ANY UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR (sleepiness, inconsolable crying, irritability, etc)

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are celebrated during snack time and we strive to make it a very special day for your child. Please check with your child's teacher before their birthday and inform them of your birthday plans. Parents are responsible for a birthday treat for the class the child is in, if they so desire to celebrate with their classroom. We encourage you to select a treat with some consideration to health, as much as possible, giving leeway to this traditional celebration. Unfortunately, we cannot allow lit candles.

Is There a Naptime?

Children often become so involved in their daily adventures that they refuse to acknowledge fatigue. We are aware of the need for rest and the development of relaxation habits are necessary for children to learn and carry into their adult lives. We provide our students a daily naptime for 12:30pm- 2:30pm. Parents must provide an appropriately-sized blanket and sheet (small pillow optional) that should be taken home and laundered on the last day of the week, then returned the following week. In order to provide the best nap time possible, we ask that parents do not pick up or drop off children AT ANY POINT DURING NAP TIME.

What About Potty-Training?

Each child will learn to use the toilet as they become developmentally ready. Staff will not "push" the child to use the toilet, but with the parent as best as possible will support this learning process. However, to move into our 3-4yr old classroom, children must be potty trained. They will stay in the 2yr old class until this process is completed.