Podcast Recommendations

By Pastor Matt Jones


pod musthaveEvery day I feed my soul from some wonderful (and free!) podcasts online. I highly recommend that every believer with the technology to do so, make listening to such resources a daily habit.

In Romans 10:17 the Bible speaks of faith coming by hearing. I take this very seriously and saturate everyday with listening to good biblical preaching and solid theological teaching. I simply cannot imagine my faith and life without the many podcasts I enjoy every day.

We live in a world with many voices vying for our attention. The media is cluttered. Thankfully we can control what we consume and minimize the noise around us. The best way for me to do this is through podcasts. Before this technology, I was trapped in Christian radio and talk radio if I wanted to listen to something. Of course, talk radio is full of junk, conspiracy and misinformation. Tragically, Christian radio is a mess, sermons that are watered down and many times stations give the platform to voices that are junk-food for the soul, if not poison. With all of that said, I am often asked for podcast recommendations, so I put together this webpage.

Below is a list of the podcasts that I enjoy every week. I pray this list will be used to get solid resources into the hands of Christ’s church to strengthen the body for ministry and deepen our joy in Him. My list is not an endorsement of everything said in every podcast sermon, episode or lecture. I quibble here and there with things, but generally speaking, these podcasts keep me up at night, thinking about good things and spur me on to action in the gospel. I urge you to listen, learn and joyfully put to practice what you hear for the glory of GOD!



Fighting for the Faith 

pod pirate.JPG













The Church at Brook Hills

pod brookhills.JPG














Gospel Coalition

pod gospelcoalition.JPG











Grace to You Pulpit Podcast
pod johnnymac.JPG












Together for the Gospel

pod togetjergospel.JPG












Desiring God

pod desiring god.JPG











Theology Unplugged
pod unplugged.JPG


9 Marks Audio

pod 9marks.JPG











Denton Bible Church 

pod denton














Reasonable Faith

pod reasonable.JPG












Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology
pod grudem.JPG













Truth for Life
pod allister.JPG















Renewing Your Mind
pod rcsproul.JPG












The Briefing

pod thebriefing.JPG












Thinking In Public
pod thinking.JPG
















Read the Bible for Life

pod guthrie.JPG













Defenders Podcast

pod defenders.JPG














No Compromise Radio

pod nocompromise.JPG














podcast vod


Grace Family Baptist 

Voddie Baucham











The Village Church

pod mattchandler.JPG















Capitol Hill Baptist Church

pod capitolhill.JPG

















Christ Fellowship Baptist Church

pod stevenlawson.JPG













The Christian Worldview
pod christianworldview.JPG


White Horse Inn
pod whitehorse.JPG


Timothy Keller Podcast

pod redeemer.JPG

Christ the Center

pod christthecenter.JPG


Philosophy for Theologians

pod philfortheo.JPG

Apologetics 315 Interviews

pod apologetics.JPG


Stand to Reason

pod koukl.JPG


Reformed Classics

pod reformedclassics.JPG


The Westminster Shorter Catechism
pod westminster catechism.JPG



pod musthave