Del Rey Church is a community and not an event or program.  We are people living life together and thus "when" it happens is all the time and "where" it happens is wherever we find ourselves on mission for the gospel in God's creation.  


With that said, it may sound hard to plug into the community unless one knows where to go and who will be there.  To belong in any community it begins by showing up.  We encourage you to make Sunday mornings the place you start showing up, at either our 9AM or 11AM service.  Once you get in the regular groove of that, we encourage you to start showing up in a community group regularly, so that you are living life together in a smaller community within the larger community of the church, where life is shared and relationships go deep.  Once you have Sundays and community group fit into your weekly schedule, we encourgae you to add occasional special events to your calendar and to periodically enroll in classes in our Bible Institute, where you will go deeper into the knowledge of the community.