Family Studies

Families should be worshipping God together in their home. Period. Enough said.

Unfortunately, more must be said, because admittedly the majority of Christian families do not worship together in their home and they have been discipled on how to do so. Since Del Rey Church is all about discipleship (because that's what Jesus told us to be all about), we want to make sure we provide you with discipleship resources for worshipping in your home.

Family worship has been around since the writing of the Bible. Ancient Christians worshipped in their homes as families, in addition to joining with the church as a community to worship on Sundays. Worship in the home was so central for Christians, that our ancestors in the faith wrote manuals for family studies. For example, the Scottish Presbyterians wrote the "Directory of Family Worship" in 1647. Since then, Puritans and Christians from each generation forward to our present has written books and articles on the subject. In our generation, we not only have books and articles available, we also have recorded sermons and podcasts as well.

biblestudyhome1On this webpage, we wanted to provide you with links to some of these resources. This is just a sampling of resources, there are simply too many resources to cover. As a side note. our church would quibble on some finer points of theology in some of these resources, mainly surrounding church polity, the ordinances and eschatology. With that said, we would wholeheartedly affirm the essentials in these materials and the majority of the finer points of theology within them, acknowledging that these are amazing resources that every home would be blessed to have. 

Here are some of the books on the subject: 

Here are some of the articles on the subject:

Here are some of the audio talks on the subject: