Preschool Staff





Clara Morales – Preschool Director 




Clara Morales has been working at DRCCC since April 2006. After attending Del Rey Church, Clara says she felt a renewed called to work in ministry. This desire, combined with her life-long passion to work with children inspired her to accept a position as lead teacher in the 3-year-old classroom (also known as the “Froggie” class).   Clara received her teaching credentials from El Camino College. She hopes to one day go back and receive her A.A. in early childhood education.  Clara displays her love for her favorite activity - music - and is our NEW Jesus Time teacher. She also enjoys movement and outside activities such as duck-duck goose. Clara is such an inspiration to new teachers, and she mentors many of them.   Clara is married to Mario, who also works on staff at Del Rey Hills Church, and they have two children; Illiana and Mario. When Clara is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, specifically, watching her own children play sports.




Nancy Estrada – Assistant Director


Nancy has been working diligently to earn her degree in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College. She has worked at several schools as an aide to earn credit for her classes. DRCCC was her first school in which she was a lead teacher. She also interns at another school in the mornings as she strives to finish off her degree. One of Nancy's many strengths is her extraordinary patience while interacting with kids. She enjoys doing messy projects with her students, and experimenting with new mediums in which to cultivate learning. Outside, Nancy enjoys gathering a group together for story time.  Other than going to school, Nancy is really close with her family and enjoys spending time with them. She also loves to read and watch movies.





Shannon Tracy – Teacher

After graduating from El Segundo High School, Shannon began working for us in the late spring of 2007. Shannon is a graduate of the prestigious liberal arts college, Biola University, where she earned her bachelor's degree with highest honors. Along with working in the preschool, Shannon is a very active member of Del Rey Church, where she also works as our Children's Ministry Assistant Director.  In addittion to her work in the church, she is also a volunteer leader in the church’s Junior High and High School Youth Group. We are so blessed to have her in our community.  In her free time, Shannon enjoys the outdoors, attends Bible studies, finds ways to reach out to those less fortunate, and she spends time with her friends. 




Judith Hernandez – Lead Koala (Nursery) Teacher

While Judith was a student at El Camino College, she developed a strong desire to work with children and learn more about childhood education. She also hoped to be able to incorporate Christian values into her curriculum. All of those aspirations came true for Judith when she began working at DRCCC in 2006.  Judith says she enjoys making “messy” art such as painting with whip cream or shaving cream. Judith is in an appropriate position because she has been a lead teacher of the two-year-old classroom, and therefore, has knowledge of their expectations.  She really likes the infant age and enjoys working with parents as their children transition from infant to toddler.  Judith spends her free time with her new husband and is also extremely involved with her church, specifically, the youth group. Our question is; is Judith ever surrounded by adults? Either way, Judith has an excellent energy about her and continues to enlighten the school with her expansive knowledge on child development.




Mike Dolan – DRCCC Superintendent

Mike Dolan oversees the Del Rey Christian Chidlren's Center as our superintendent.  He is passionate about the school and knows personally the amazing impact our program has on kids. All eight of Mike's kids have attended DRCCC.  In addition to his role over the school, Mike is an administrator at the Del Rey Church, handling a wide variety of administrative functions on our campus. Mike is available to meet with the families of our school for help and prayer any time. If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to approach Mike. He is a happily married man of 20 years to his high school sweet heart, Joy. As an active member of the Westchester / Playa community, Mike volunteers in everything from neighborhood watch programs to coaching little league teams. In fact, he has been coaching little league for over 15 years and has taken kids all the way to the State Championships. On a personal note, Mike's favorite food is ketchup (he puts it on everything) and he enjoys playing golf, beach volleyball, shooting guns, and beating his brother-in-law on his x-box console. Mike is also an avid reader and fantasy football devotee, so if you want to get in on the action just let him know.



Matt Jones Pastor

Matt Jones is the lead pastor of the Del Rey Church and Del Rey Christian Children's Center. He has been pastoring here for 10 years and is a native of the Westchester area.  As lead pastor, Matt oversees all of the ministries of the church, including our preschool, working closely with our superintendent. Pastor Matt was raised by a mother who has been a Preschool Director for over 20 years now. He worked as a preschool teacher's aid while finishing his undergraduate studies. With this upbringing and experience in preschool education, Pastor Matt has a passion for the well-being and success of our preschool, its families and the staff. Pastor Matt is very passionate about education and his wife, Erika, shares this passion. Erika works at the church as our Children's Ministry Director and she holds a California Teaching Credential.  Between the two of them, Matt and Erika hold three masters degrees and Matt is currently working on his doctorate at Biola University.  Matt has been happily married for ten years to Erika and together they are the proud parents of two sons (Micah and Elijah) and a daughter (Talitha).  As our lead pastor, Matt is focused on teaching people how to live life and upholding sound doctrine for the church. In his teaching, Matt contextually brings the message of Christ to the church in a way that is very personal, intellectual, and passionate. When he’s not at church or at home with his family, Matt and his wife like to spend time together in the outdoors (although they proudly confess that they are homebodies) and take road trips. For fun, Matt trains in maritial arts (Kenpo), shoots guns, enjoys reading (lots of reading!), writing, making music, eating take-out food with his wife, and watching netflix on the computer.