Pray for Del Rey

A friend of mine who pastors a church in Los Angeles asked me in an email, "how can we be praying for Del Rey Church?" And here was what I responded with, soliciting prayer for our church. 


As for Del Rey Church, we regularly pray for:


1. GOD: Deeper enjoyment of the triune God unto His glory

2. GOSPEL: Boldness for sharing the pure gospel in West Los Angeles and in the networks God gives us access to reach

3. GLOBE: God to call and move upon locals from our church to become missionaries in un-reached lands

4. HOME: Strength for our marriages in the church, for men in our church to come to men's group and a homeward heart for parents, growing and blessing discipleship at home

5. HOLINESS: Continual and infectious holiness and humility in leadership, modeling sacrifice, grace, hard work and rich knowledge in God's word, the law and the gospel, and sound doctrine.

6. HEALING: Healing for the sick, peace for those suffering and safety for our women who are pregnant

7. JUSTICE: Intercession for city and state leaders... We are seeking to expose injustices in the city in God's common grace and create a movement of families in the church with a passion for adoption to rescue orphans in Los Angeles county and in the globe, displaying the gospel of God in adopting sinners and justifying them in His Son.



Some specific prayers:


Pray for the ministry of our preschool, the Del Rey Christian Children's Center, that our staff would lead well as care-takers, worshippers and educators.  


Pray for Bodie Bennett, for healing of his heart and sustaining of his life in the meantime and for his family whom we deeply love.


Pray for healing for Matthew Salvo, a child with aggressive cancer whom we long to see God heal.


Pray for healing for Ricardo's back and for Chuck's leg.


Pray for the salvation of the husbands of wives who attend our church by themselves and for comfort for these sisters.


Pray for the women in our church who are facing infertility issues.


Pray for the single parents in our church and those grieving the death of a spouse.


Pray for the families in our church in the process of adoption (specifically, the Dolans, the Jones', the Begemans, the Martins, the Spangles, and the Jouans)


Pray for Pastor Jim and those he is counseling.


Pray for those under church discipline that they would repent.


Pray for those who have left our church for superficial and unbiblical reasons that they would turn, mature and become healthy disciples of Jesus committed to the ministry of a local church. 


Pray for Tony and Jenni planning our mission trip to Thailand.


Pray against the influence of the cults in our neighborhood that impact the church (Papalism is huge in our town, the Mormon stake is large in our neighborhood, the Jehovah's Witnesses knock on doors in our streets, the lies and influence of Landmark Forum, the influence of TBN heretics through the TV in homes around our city, the tentacles of the Agape Church on the westside of LA, the so-called "local church" and its cult missionaries, and the LA Church of Christ and its heresies)


Pray against the influence of so-called churches that are not preaching Christ crucified and that regularly betray sound doctrine and yet are growing larger and larger (especially such "churches" being led by genuine Christians who should know better): we pray they would either repent and be restored through discipline or close their doors because they selling a false gospel and damning people)

Pray that the idols of our city will be exposed, especially false religion, materialism, the consumerized American Dream, adults who neglect their marriage to chase fame and fortune, parents who neglect their kids, parents who chase after sports and school in their kids more than discipling them in the gospel and making church a priority.


Pray for our students in the Del Rey Bible Institute to be blessed and equipped for service in the Great Commission of Jesus.


Pray for Pastor Mike and Atlas Hardy heading to Africa in a few months.


Pray for Atlas Hardy's ministry building wells in Africa (Water Wells for Africa).


Pray for provision and blessing for Tony Shen (and his whole family) who is new on church staff and training for pastoral ministry.


Pray for Pastor Matt's wife (Erika) recovering from surgery.


Pray for Pastor Jim's wife (Colleen) recovering from cancer.


Pray for Pastor Chris's wife (Candace) for safety in her pregnancy (they've had miscarriages in the past, so our heart is heavy).


Pray for Pastor Chris as he leads the music ministry at DRC.


Pray for continual blessings on Lucy Rodgers, who is a gift from God serving tirelessly in our church office keeping us connected.


Pray for the Spangle family to find a home to rent.


Pray for the teachers in our church to be a light in schools in our city (John, Drew, Bridget, Corey, Ann, Ebony, Fay, Raya, Heather...)


Pray for the people in our church who are involved in Hollywood to be a light.


Pray for our LMU students to get active in community groups and the DRBI (they are all sooo awesome and seeing them become a part of the church is so needed).


Pray for our BU students as they commute and serve the church.


Pray for our Awana ministry; it is huge and we need help.


Pray for our church budget and church facilities; we need to do something about out aging building.


Pray for wisdom in launching a third worship service to accommodate and stir growth in the church.


Pray for our community groups to be strengthened and for God to raise up solid leaders for launching more.


Pray for our church to keep true in the gospel and thirsty for sound doctrine.