Del Rey Bible Institute (DRBI) | Fall Term 2022

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Jesus gave His church marching orders to make disciples. In order to more effectively obey this command of Christ, we have the Del Rey Bible Institute (DRBI). The DRBI is a training center modeled after the Jesus-style classroom we read about in the New Testament. Through lecture, group interaction, homework and prayer, we seek to make disciples who will live missionally in our culture and among the nations for God’s glory. This upcoming semester, we are offering a 14 week course that meets on Wednesday nights (7-8:30pm) on the Holy Spirit called Pneumatology 101. Sign up today and invite your friends.  

PNEUMATOLOGY 101 is a systematic and biblical-theological introductory overview of the Christian doctrines related to the triune God, specifically the person of the Holy Spirit. In this class, we will examine—through class lectures, group discussion and reading assignments—key Trinitarian and pneumatological ideas, their scriptural warrant and meaning. As well, we will analyze the doctrinal reflections of the Spirit in church history, modern movements and also in the cults, exploring common misunderstandings of the Spirit requiring apologetic responses and in-house biblical polemics. Overall, this course aims to prepare students for the Missio Dei in the global world in and through Christ’s Church by better understanding and submitting to the Holy Spirit.

The class has a minimal cost of $70 for the books and materials. Otherwise, the course itself is free. 

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