Del Rey Bible Institute (DRBI)

drbi2Jesus gave His church marching orders to make disciples.  In order to more effectively obey this command of Christ, we have launched the DEL REY BIBLE INSTITUTE (DRBI). The DRBI is a training center modeled after the Jesus-style classroom we read about in the New Testament.  Through lecture, group interaction, homework and prayer, we seek to make disciples who will live missionally in our culture and among the nations for God’s glory.

The DRBI is a needed thing in today's world.  According to recent national surveys, 81% of church-going Christians do not have a biblical worldview.  Our mission at the DEL REY BIBLE INSTITUTE is to change this statistic in our community by raising up scores of disciple-scholars who will intentionally transform their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and His vision of discipleship.


The DEL REY BIBLE INSTITUE will teach you how to understand, apply, defend, and communicate the truth of God's Word in today's world. The goal for students at DRBI is both a solid knowledge of God's Word and a profound understanding of the world, grasping science, culture, and history. When knowledge and understanding come together, they can't be kept inside, but will be expressed through your life now and into the future. 

drbiIf you have a hunger to dive deeper into the Scripture and to love God with all of your mind, DEL REY BIBLE INSTITUTE was developed just for you.  We offer a cutting edge curriculum that will take the average Christian and turn him or her into an able disciple-scholar of God’s word, the Bible.  To do this, we offer a wide range of classes that will take students through the whole Bible and expose them to theology, church history, apologetics, philosophy, and more.  As you move through classes you will be equipped with a comprehensive overview of the Christian faith and given the basic tools to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus to make disciples. 


DEL REY BIBLE INSTITUTE was designed to challenge students, not to overwhelm them.  Assignments are given in every class and tests are as well.  The purpose of homework and examination is to solidify what is being taught in classes.  The lecturers in DRBI represent some of our brightest disciple scholars in our community.  The students in DRBI are a wonderful group of Christians from all walks of life and culture, seeking to grow in the faith and to be used by God. 

If you haven’t already joined us for a class, we hope you will sign up soon. 




Classes are held Wednesday nights 7:00-8:30pm

Childcare is provided when available!