Funerals, Memorial Services, and Interments

When a member or loved one of a Del Rey Church member passes away, family and friends appreciate the opportunity to come together in Christian worship to give witness to the resurrection and celebrate the life of the one who has died. 


Funeral services are usually held within a few days of a death. Memorial services can be held at the family’s convenience. Interments in a local setting can be held before or after the funeral or memorial service, or at any time that feels appropriate.


Services are most often held in the chapel at the burial site or at the church sanctuary. Either space provides a peaceful and worshipful setting for this most meaningful service. Where to hold the service is an important decision, and we encourage that a family make this decision with one of the pastors. 


At the family’s request, the congregational care at church is happy to help serve a light reception in the narthex following the service (if it is held on site at the church). If the family would like to offer a lunch or more substantial refreshments after the service, we are happy to assist as well with finding a local catering company. 


Please call the church office at 310-823-4275 with any questions.