Gospel People

The church is not a place you go to on Sundays, rather, the church is a people.  We're not just any sort of people - we are gospel people.  As gospel people, we are an embodiment of the gospel message.  Hence, the gospel is central in all that  we do and who we strive to be as a community - a gospel people.


The gospel is a word that simply means "good news."  Christians are excited about the good news of Jesus.  


This good news or gospel is personal, propositional and progressional.  It is personal, because the good news is a person, Jesus Christ.  He came to offer Himself personally for us and to us.  To appreciate the fullness of why this is so amazing, it is vital to understand the real identity of the Jesus of history.  To read more about Him please click here.


The good news of Jesus is propositional because He came with a message.  This message is life changing and powerful.  To read more about His message please click here.


With a personal relationship and propositional message, the early followers of Jesus set into motion a progressional mission beginning from the land of Jesus in Jerusalem all the way to the other side of the globe.  And that mission continues today as we live out a personal relationship with Jesus and share His propositional message to those around us.  


It is because of this man Jesus and because of His message and mission that we identify ourselves as "gospel people."  We haved been personally saved by Jesus and we progressionally spread on mission to share His propositional message.


We hope our website will give you a better idea about who we are as "gospel people."  We're so glad that you stopped by our web site!  Take some time to check out the links below to learn more about our church.


Hopefully these links will give you a sense for who we are, where we came from and where we are going, what we believe and what makes us tick.  Of course, the best way to really get to know us is simply by showing up and giving us the chance to say "hello."  If we have not already met you, please consider joining us sometime soon to hang out and get to know each other. 

Please join us for Sunday worship and contact us with any questions!