Life Ministries

Christian ministry is concerned with real life.  In our lives we grow from birth to childhood to adulthood.  For those key areas of life, we have targeted ministries to address certain discipleship needs for life.  


We have ministries and programs that aim to help disciple kids, youth and college age disciples of Jesus.  As well, we have ministries that aim to help disciple men and women, because we recognize that God has ordained men and women uniqiuely for His purposes.  Hence, it helps to have times where the guys and gals gather separately to encourage and equip each other for life and ministry.  Of course, we are a community, so we all come together as young and old, and, male and female, to worship God and carry the gospel.  Added to this, we believe firmly in the vitality of the family unit as God's foundational discipleship resource so all of our life ministries are geared to build family and the community of God's people.  


5527600-r4-064-30aWIth all of that said, we want to be clear that our life ministries are not the traditional sort of ministries that are ongoing departments in a church with staff and constant programming.  We are concerned in isolating singles, men's, women's or college ministries in this way. That doesn't mean we don't minister to those demographics only that we don't feel as if we must gear a ministry toward a particular group to reach that group.  Furthermore, we believe God has ordained staff for these ministries through the family unit.  Fathers and mothers are the youth pastors of their homes.  The home is a place where discipleship happens.  A husband should be feeding his wife the word of God and to his children.  Parents should be drawing in neighbors, friends, and their children's friends to disciple them in the gospel as well.  We do not outsource this responsibility given by God.  Our life ministries at DRC are here to help equip homes for this vision of the gospel.


This philosophy of ministry, along with a driving passion that church consists not of a building and not merely of preaching and singing, but in being the body of Christ in sharing life together, has driven us to funnel all of our life ministries through our community groups and the rhytms of the church itself. Our community groups img_6469serve as a sort of panacea in which men and women, single or married, young and not so young, gather together in recognition of our inability to do life alone and our need for intergenerational wisdom. Our hope is to create unity in diversity as people interact with those who are perhaps a little unlike themselves, to stretch our comfort zones for discipleship and to bring glory to God by displaying how HE alone uniquely brings people together.