Rude Boy Meets Real Dad

Last year, this pseudo-reggae band from Canada made this rather annoying song entitled, “Rude.” The song was a commercial success. It was released on Sony Music and blew-up on Canada’s top charts, as well as the music charts in our country. Hundreds of thousands of copies of this song were sold. It breaks my heart that so many people gave money to this song. More than being annoying, the message of the song is depraved and rebellious.

The song and the music video is all about a sexually immoral daughter, whose boyfriend is not only exploiting her body, but also encouraging her to betray her father and the morals he stands for at home. The father takes a stand for his daughter and the rebellious boyfriend calls him “rude” (hence the title of the song). Given that the video starts with the daughter in bed with the boyfriend, one wonders about the quality of the father’s fathering. Watch the video and soak-in this tragic message being peddled in our culture.


After watching this video, I imagined this imaginary father as raising his daughter with morals that he himself does not consistently follow and which are not connected to the gospel of Christ. I imagine a father who is more concerned about maintaining suburbian bliss than he is sacrificing for his children to show them treasures of Christ. In any case, his stand at the doorway of his home telling the promiscuous boyfriend “no” is commendable. Alas, there is so much more to be said than “no” however and one wonders what he is saying to his daughter in her own rebellion. I imagine him attending a moralistic therapeutic church that preaches self-help messages and fails to point people to the real answer – CHRIST!

With all of that said, I was really excited to see a response video made by a Christian father. The song is written from the perspective of the father dealing with this rebellious boy luring his daughter. I was disappointed that the song was gospel-light: however, it was principled and creative. Hopefully this youtube video will blow up and expose the foolishness of the Canadian wanna-be reggae band. Enjoy the video


GET YOUR GUITARS AND GUNS DADS!!!!!  Protect your daughters and sing over them.  GRAB YOUR BIBLES and raise them in the word of God, constantly feeding them the gospel and prayerfully living before them as virtuous examples of our Lord's sanctifying power.