Book Club is Back! January 2023!

Years ago, we had a book club at Del Rey Church that read a book together once a month. In 2023 we’re bringing it back.

To kick things off, our first book for January 2023 is published by Moody Press, written by Skye Jethani, and entitled, “What If Jesus Was Serious about the Church?”


For those of you who are not exactly “readers” or “book-lovers,” this book is a great start to get involved in a book club. It’s a short book and an easy-read that even includes pictures. Like most of the books we read in our club, we won’t agree with everything in it, but that’s what makes it fun when we get together to talk. That said, the format of our book club is to spend the month reading the assigned book and then on the last Sunday of the month we come together at 9am (before our main corporate worship service) to discuss it, highlighting the things we disagree with and the things we found very helpful.

As a quick overview, our January book by Jethani explores three trends in our culture involving the distrust of institutions, people leaving the church, and loneliness. The author tries to connect these three trends into the mission of the church that Jesus founded and which the Spirit dwells to this day. The book reads like a blog or conversation, giving the reader challenging and comforting reflections from Scripture for faithful worshippers in local churches who want to be a community living in biblical communion with God and one another for the sake of the world.