Building Campaign

The Local Area

Del Rey Church was founded in 1959 in Playa Del Rey by a small group of Christians moving from downtown Los Angeles. In the decades since, Los Angeles has furthered its role as one of the nation’s and the world’s major metropolitan areas. Cultural trends that start in Los Angeles quickly make their way across the country and around the world.

The west side of Los Angeles in particular is a strategic place for a church to grow. In addition to contributing to the world-famous entertainment industry of Hollywood, the west side is home to a burgeoning technology industry that has earned the nickname “Silicon Beach.” UCLA joins other LA-based world-class universities such as CalTech and USC to draw scholars from around the world. The Los Angeles Rams have built a new stadium less than six miles from Del Rey Church. And less than two miles from church, Los Angeles International Airport is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. The Lord is almost literally bringing the world to our doorstep.


The Church Since 1959

The Lord has seen fit to grow Del Rey Church steadily over recent years. In 2010, we expanded from one Sunday service to two, which continues to this day. We hold weekly events for junior high and high school students on Tuesday nights, bible and theology classes on Wednesday nights, and elementary-age bible clubs on Friday nights. Our men’s and women’s groups meet seasonally throughout the year. One of our most important ministries is a full-time, year-round preschool and day care center that serves working families in the area.

In addition, Del Rey Church blesses the local community in many ways. We offer our facilities free of charge to several local organizations, such as Westchester Del Rey Little League, a local Girl Scout troop, National Charity League, Westchester Playa Del Rey Neighborhood Council, local music teachers holding recitals for their students, and others.

At the same time, the buildings that we have occupied since the early 1960s are starting to show their age. With our continued growth, we want to take into account both the opportunities with the people that the Lord brings to our doors, as well as the long-term needs of the congregation and the community for the next few generations.


The Project

With these needs in mind, a few years ago the pastors and staff of the church began discussing different possibilities for renovation and growth. We considered many possibilities, including moving the church to a different neighborhood, buying different property within the neighborhood, and renovating our current buildings. In the end, the option we decided to pursue was a completely new building on our current property. This strategy had the advantages of keeping us in the community where God has planted us, as well as utilizing state-of-the-art building materials, energy efficiency, and technology so that our investment would last for generations.

We enlisted the help of a local architect and general contractor who had helped lead the construction of one of our sister churches in the area. Graciously and generously, they offered their services pro bono to make inquiries of city officials, make drawings of a building concept, and estimate the construction cost.


The Campaign

This leads us to the current day, and where we want to enlist the participation of the congregation, the community, and our friends and contacts. The estimated cost of the project is $8 million. Although we originally wanted to secure funding for the majority of this amount before the end of 2019, we continue to fundraise in preparation for the day when the Lord may open this opportunity for us.


Help Make This Opportunity a Reality - for Generations to Come

Join with us today to help make our vision for a new church campus a reality. And most importantly, join us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s favor with these plans.

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