New to DRC? Visiting soon?


Welcome to Del Rey Church.  We're excited you're here, at least online, and look forward to meeting you in person.  When we do meet, you’ll find that we have a relaxed but reverent Sunday service, focused on Jesus, prayer, the study of Scripture and love in community.  We hope you’ll visit us soon and look forward to meeting you.  Here’s a few questions you can browse through so you’ll know better what to expect.


What time does church start at Del Rey on Sunday?

9AM and 11AM.


(These two church services meet at different times to accommodate the size of our church and give flexibility for busy schedules.  The services are essentially identical to each other. They have the same sermon, style and format.)



What do people dress like around Del Rey Church on Sunday?

You can pretty much expect to find anything and everything at Del Rey Church when it comes to the style of Sunday dress.  Some people dress-up and most dress very casual.  Don’t worry about any preconceived notions, just be yourself.  The main thing for us is to dress personally, yet respectfully since our service is more about Jesus than any one of us.



Is parking a problem?

Not usually. If you don’t find a spot in our main lot, you may have to park along the street. There’s lots of neighborhood parking.  But no worries, the furthest you’d have to walk is a minute or two. We can also accommodate handicap parking right next to the building.



How will I know where to go once I’m there?

As you’re walking up to our facility, you’ll be greeted by people who are typically really friendly…..but not over the top. They’ll give you what you need for the morning or direct you to who or where you want to go.  If you have kids, we have a great kids program on Sundays that they are welcome to attend.  If you want your kids to hang out with you, that's fine too.  We have some signs to direct you to the kids program and to main auditorium where the church meets.



What’s the music like at Del Rey Church on Sunday?

The music at DRC is intergenerational.  We try to include hymns of the past and contemporary music of the present.  The majority of the music selections each Sunday are contemporary, but each week we include at least one hymn from the past to connect with our heritage and serve our elderly parishioners.  Overall, we have a distinct, but modern feel, that enjoys hymns, classic songs and contemporary praise songs with a rich theology for honoring God and instructing the church.  When it comes to music in church, we stress the heart over professional performance.  We do not come to hear a professional performance.  We come to worship God.  A child with little musical skill could lead us in worship - it is the heart that we want to lead with and lay before God.  




What are the sermons like at Del Rey Church on Sunday?


We don't play around when it comes to preaching at church.  The sermons at Del Rey Church are serious Bible studies.  We pack our sermons with intellectual substance, seeking to engage minds with the deep things of God.  Those preaching in the pulpit at DRC always give sermons that are expositions of passages in the Bible and/or theological reflections of doctrinal and cultural matters.  We don’t just use Bible passages as a launching board for a motivational talk or string together Scriptures out of context.  We look at the ancient text of Scripture and unpack how it is still so relevant for today and how its truth is the very thing we need.  The Scripture sometimes comforts us and other times it confronts us.  It soothes and offends, and all for a purpose. At Del Rey Church we do not shy away from the Bible, nor do we put all the cookies on the bottom shelf.  We belief it is important for sermons to be intellectual and relevant, but overall, our greatest concern is not to be politically correct, entertaining or socially cool, we desperately want to keep it simple and just be biblical with our sermons and our lives.



Are there classes for my kids?


Of course, we have classes for your children.  We break down our kids classes into age appropriate groups as follows:

The Nursery (0-18 months)

Toddlers (18-36 months)

Early Childhood (3-5years)

Elementary (1st – 3rd grade)

Jr. Elementary (4th – 6th grade)

Youth (7th – 8th grade)*

* Please note that the youth class only meets during the second service at 11am.



Are there classes for my teens?


We offer a class for junior high students during the second service.  After junior high, we expect our teens to join us in the main church service.  We offer a midweek program for high school students, but on Sundays we believe it is vital for them to be with the adults to help transition them into adult spirituality and responsibility. 



Do I need to be a Christian to come to one of your services?


Of course not.  We are thrilled when non-Christians come to visit.  And to be honest, our greatest hope is that you would be. We believe that’s God’s greatest desire as well. To that end, we promise we’ll just shoot straight with you about who Jesus is and what the Bible says. No pressure, but we will be honest about convictions.  We don’t water down the message and we hope you can appreciate that we keep it real and at the same time we want you to feel welcomed.