Ministry Team


The Church Ministry Team consists of men and women appointed for providing leadership under the direction of the Pastor-Teacher and the Pastoral Team for the purpose of implementing the various ministries of the church. Together with the Pastoral Team, the Church Ministry Team works to equip the people of Del Rey Church to better serve Christ and thereby bring glory to God. The purpose of this team is to work as ministers among ministers. As a church, we believe that all Christians are called to be ministers. The Bible declares that we are all – as Christians – the royal priesthood of God (see 1 Peter 2:5, 2:9). As the royal priesthood, we proudly identify the people of our church as ministers. Thus, when it is asked, “Who is the minister of this Church?,” let it be proudly answered by all Christians who regularly attend our church – “I am.” We are all ministers for the glory of Jesus Christ. The Church Ministry Team serves the church by calling the world into a life of ministry and service unto the Lord Jesus.




MIKE DOLAN: Administration


Staff Directory-06 MikeMike Dolan is a man of many skills and talents. God has blessed him with abilities that are of great use in the ministries of the Del Rey Church. Mike has been married to his wife, Joy, for over 20 years. Together they have seven beautiful children!!! In addition to their kids, the Dolan family is a certified foster home that has fostered a half dozen kids in the last 10 years, giving the love of Christ to kids in need. Mike is an active community member, volunteering in everything from neighborhood watch programs to coaching little league teams. It is Mike’s desire to see the message of Christ impact our community with His love and grace. He works full-time at the church as the administrator of our church. In addition to this, Mike is the superintendent of church’s school. His favorite food is ketchup (he puts it on everything) and his dream is to be the beach volleyball champion of the world. Mike enjoys reading, playing sports with his kids, going out with his wife, and memorizes any-and-all statistical information related to fantasy football.



LUCY RODGERS: Church Administrative Extraordinaire 


Staff Directory-10 LucyLucy Rodgers came to Del Rey Church in 2010.  She was (and is) an absolute gift from God.  After volunteering in various capacities at the church, Lucy formally joined our ministry team and ever since things have never been the same.  Did we mention, she is a gift from God.  Lucy was raised around the church and journeyed with God on some paths as He formed her into the woman she is today.  In college she majored in philosophy and in the business world she had great success in everything from operations to management and beyond.  As a crucial member of our ministry team, Lucy's life has equipped her with incredible gifts and skills in administrating many of the nuts and bolts of our church.  She lovingly helps welcome and assimilate people into church life, connecting people to resources and setting them on mission for serving others in the community.  Lucy serves tirelessly and she refuses to take a pay check for it.  If we did such a thing, Lucy would get the volunteer of the year award every year.  In addition to serving in ministry, she also enjoys photography, cooking and reading.  She is like real evangelical version of Martha Stewart - awesome at everything she touches!  Lucy has traveled the world and has touched many lives along the way.  Lucy and her husband Dave live in the neighborhood and together they have a huge heart for helping others.  







ERIKA JONES: Children’s Ministry Director and Del Rey Parochial Academy Director


Staff Directory-08 ErikaErika Jones has been a vital part of this church since the late 90s.  She has walked with Christ since her childhood, when the Lord saved her by His amazing grace.  Erika has served as a missionary overseas in Africa and India, and closer to home at an orphanage in Mexico.  She is the daughter of a pastor (and now married to a pastor, our very own, Matt Jones).  Erika was home-educated (along with her 5 siblings) until attending college, graduating from Biola University with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a minor in biblical studies. Afterward, she attended graduate school at Talbot School of Theology, only to later transfer to Chapman University, where she earned a master’s degree in teaching. Erika holds a California State Teaching Credential and loves to talk about teaching, parenting, youth culture and curriculum. She enjoyed an active career as a middle school teacher, which she gladly swapped for the active life of a mother of seven children. Combining her amazing upbringing with her passion for Christ and education in teaching, Erika serves the church as our Children’s Ministry Director and also our homeschool ministry, the Del Rey Parochial Academy (in addition to a whole assortment of details behind the scenes). In her spare time (of what little she has), Erika enjoys reading, swimming, gardening, and freelance writing (she's published children's literature and academic journals).



SHANNON TRACY: Children’s Ministry Assistant Director 

Shannon has been a part of the Del Rey Church family for over 15 years. As a teen, she was actively involved in our DRC Youth Group. In her college years, Shannon began to serve in youth ministry and also joined the staff of our Del Rey Children's Center, our church's preschool. After graduating with her bachelor's degree from the prestigious Biola University, she continued using her gifts as a teacher in our school and also as the assistant director of our church's children ministry. Shannon has a heart for God, children, our church and the city of Los Angeles. She is truly a precious gift to our community. 





Staff Directory-11 ClaraClara Morales has been working at DRCCC since April 2006. After attending Del Rey Church, Clara says she felt a renewed called to work in ministry. This desire, combined with her life-long passion to work with children inspired her to accept a position as lead teacher in the 3-year-old classroom (also known as the “Froggie” class).   Clara received her teaching credentials from El Camino College. She hopes to one day go back and receive her A.A. in early childhood education.  Clara displays her love for her favorite activity - music - and is our NEW Jesus Time teacher. She also enjoys movement and outside activities such as duck-duck goose. Clara is such an inspiration to new teachers, and she mentors many of them.   Clara is married to Mario, who also works on staff at Del Rey Church in our facilities department, and they have two children; Illiana and Mario. When Clara is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, specifically, watching her own children play sports.