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We believe that fellowship with other Christians is absolutely essential in order to grow spiritually. The early Christians met daily for fellowship, where they would share meals, study the Bible, care for one another, and pray together (see Acts 2:42 – 47). Because of their fellowship they grew both in heart and number. 

Some of the greatest needs we have in this life center around our inner need to have a place where we belong, to have friends, to receive encouragement, and also to give encouragement to others. For these reasons we have created Home Fellowships here at Del Rey Hills Church. 

Often we can feel disconnected from other people on the weekend at church. Just attending the Sunday service may leave us feeling “left out” and alone. But you’re important to us and we offer our Home Fellowships as an opportunity to experience the family life of our church.

Home Fellowships are about you. A key element of our groups is the opportunity for you to share what you have gained from the previous Sunday’s sermon. Notes are included in the Sunday bulletin to aid you in participating in the Home Fellowship discussion. We encourage you to take notes and come ready to share.

home_houseFinding a Home Fellowship to Plug Into

Home Fellowships meet in selected homes throughout our city at different times during the week. Finding and joining a Home Fellowship is very simple. If you know someone at Del Rey Church who is already in one, then ask to tag along to the next study. Otherwise, here are steps we recommend for getting involved:

1. Browse the Online Directory (click here). Find a group that fits you considering the day of the week, time of day, and location as they pertain to you. To contact the host, look for the Home Fellowships listing in every Sunday service program or call the church at 310-823-4275.

2. Call up the Home Fellowship Leader or Host. They will be able to answer questions you have about the group. Confirm with them that they will be meeting at the location listed in the Sunday service program when you plan attending. You may also call the Host if you have any questions about the directions listed as well.

3. Attend the Home Fellowship. Remember to bring your Bible, pen, and lesson plan from the Sunday service. Home Fellowships are always happy to have somebody new show up. If you feel nervous at first, don't worry, most people do. The Leader or Host of the Home Fellowship can help to make you feel more welcome.

All of the Home Fellowships have a similar format, however, they all have their own personality. Some provide childcare, so please call first.

We hope that you will give Home Fellowships a try and experience the love and community of our congregation. Find one nearest you and plan to visit. You will be warmly welcomed and invited to be part of the family at Del Rey Hills Church.


See you there!!