Our Confidence

Our confidence in missions comes from God's promises that our missionary efforts are empowered and assured by His power, authority, presence, and sovereignty (Job 42:2; Isa 48:9-11; Matt 16:18; 24:14, 35; 28:19; Rev 5:9). People from every nation will one day bow the knee to Jesus (Rev 5:9). Therefore, our mission will be finished one day. Because of this, we believe that church planting among un-reached people is the greatest need of missions (Rom 15:19-23). Frontier missions that reach people groups that do not yet have access to the gospel are our priority. We believe that the primary battle of missions is spiritual, and therefore prayer is the foundational discipline of our missionary efforts (Matt 6:9-10; Luke 14:33; John 15:16; 2 Thess 3:1; James 4:2-4). Because our mission is a spiritual battle, our lifestyles should reflect a willingness to sacrifice and suffer for the cause of Christ (Mark 10:28-30; Phil 2:29-30, 3:7-11; Col 1:24). Christians must either be missionaries, senders of missionaries, or disobedient. Let us strive to obey.