Del Rey Bible Institute (DRBI): Fall 2018


New Testament 101

WEDNESDAYS 7:00 to 8:30 PM

September 5 - December 12


 NEW TESTAMENT 101 is an overview of the beginning of the historic Christian Bible.  In this class, we cover the four gospels, the general epistles and the book of Revelation.  In New Testament 102 we will cover the book of Acts and the Pauline epistles.  This class (NT101) will put the four gospels, general epistles and Revelation into their historical context, identifying their author and date, and investigating the circumstances surrounding their writing and the main theological, spiritual and ethical messages presented in each book.


  1. To place the books of the New Testament into their cultural-historical settings, as well as their historical-redemptive setting.
  2. To survey the gospels in their canonical order as well as to study them in harmony with one another, investigating the historical Jesus of Nazareth.
  3. To study the general nature and purpose of the general epistles and Johanine texts in the New Testament, giving attention to key hermeneutical issues in the text.
  4. To study the overall patterns of human behavior as well as God’s gracious dealings with His elect, Israel, and the inauguration of the age that awaits the rapture and coming kingdom of God, making personal and corporate application of the lessons learned from these books that lead to grander vision of God, a richer sanctification, a deeper embracement of His gospel and a more passionate life for evangelism.

In order for staff to be able to prepare materials for class, the sign ups for DRBI NT101 are now closed.  If you missed signing up please come to the class anyway!  We will have a copy of the 1st lesson in order for you to follow along and we will order you text books and have them for you at the following lesson.


The DRBI Leaders