RELaunching Community Groups

I am sooooo excited about the relaunch of our community groups.  Let me give you some quick history and commentary....


About 6 years ago we started Home Fellowships at Del Rey Church.  This was a new thing for the church, which formerly had a mid-week Bible study.  With the growth of the church and concerns for relational intimacy, we launched home fellowships to gather people together in homes for fellowship during the mid week.


As time past, we learned some critical lessons about this kind of ministry and we made tweaks along the way to strengthen them and the body of Christ here at Del Rey.  Most recently, we prayerfully set aim to tweak our groups to give them a greater emphasis on discipleship, the gospel and mission.  With this, we have officially changed the name of Home Fellowships to be Community Groups because we do more than just fellowship in homes as the former name implied and this name community carried with it fellowship and more, like mission, discipleship, gospel, etc.   Our prayer is that this change will not be in name only, but it will relaunch our existing groups as well as mobilize some new ones to play a vital role in carrying the Great Comission in our city. 


With all of that, I am writing this post to share with you our latest flyer for this relaunch.  CHECK OUT THIS FLYER and join with us in prayer that God will use this to deepen us as a community and equip for reaching out to others.  Also, please spread the word and invite people to join a Community Group.



























community groups banner