Men's Group Starts Again

Tomorrow morning we are launching our latest installment of Men’s Ministry fellowship and study.

I simply cannot imagine my life without this fellowship of men from our local church.


The bonding that has taken place in our fellowship on Tuesday mornings and the learning has been priceless to my life.


PLEASE pray for all of the men at Del Rey Church to wake up and come on Tuesdays at 6am. Seriously, we need the men to gather and no doubt demons will fight against us.


The Bible urges men in the local church to fellowship together and so in submission to the heart of Scripture we invite all men who call Del Rey Church their home to come to Men’s Ministry and learn in community with us. To wet your appetite for studying manhood and learning doctrine with your brothers in meaningful and open community, I am posting these talks by Paul Washer on manhood.


Biblical Manhood by Paul Washer


What a Man is Not - Biblical Manhood Part 1 - Paul Washer



Are You Ready for a Relationship? - Biblical Manhood Part 2 - Paul Washer



Young Man's Attitude Towards Women - Biblical Manhood Part 3 - Paul Washer