Kids Church-My Bible Survey Year 1

Del Rey Parents,

The New Year is upon us and we are preparing curriculum for your families. Kid’s Church will be digging into the book of Joshua in the month of January. We are thrilled to encourage family discipleship and partner with families as they study through the Bible with their children. In Kids Church we use Generation of Grace curriculum which is an age-appropriate, 3-year Bible Survey. Every week our preschool and elementary aged children learn from the same passage of scripture making it simple for families to study through the Bible together. This time of year, many people pause to reflect on the past year and make goals for the upcoming year. As the year comes to a close, this is a good time to review the scriptures we have covered in 2013 and prayerfully prepare our hearts for studying the rest of the Old Testament in 2014.

In Kid’s Church we studied the Pentateuch in 2013. This means DRC families have been learning from the first 5 books of the Bible—the books of Moses—so we covered Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Our DRC kids were really excited to review the Pentateuch in class recently and place the activity page in their binders. Reviewing this year’s material doesn’t need to be complicated and will vary from family to family. A simple idea would be to organize your child’s My Bible Survey Binder and talk about the activities and handouts as you go and read select scripture. If your kids are anything like ours, their binders are disheveled and papers are not in any sensible order. We are planning to sit with our children and talk through their binders on New Year’s Day. Skimming through their handouts, talking about their favorite passages and reading Bible passages will serve several purposes. We will be able to reinforce what we learned this year, reflect on how God might use what they studied to change their hearts and prepare their hearts for studying the rest of the Old Testament in 2014.

If you haven’t started the study yet in your home, it is NOT too late. You can pick up a My Bible Survey binder for your children on Sunday to keep all their Kid’s Church notes and I would recommend purchasing the Gospel Story Bible for your family discipleship because each story presents God’s plan for salvation in Christ and points to the Gospel.

As you review this year’s materials, you may realize you need to replace handouts. If you want you are welcome to dig through the boxes of leftover handouts to search for specific lessons if you want. For questions please email me at:

Have a great week enjoying your family Bible study.