Kid's Church Bible Survey 5/19

Del Rey Parents,

We are so excited to encourage family discipleship and partner with families as they study through the Bible with their children. We are at the very beginning of our 3-year Bible survey for preschool and elementary aged children. If you haven’t started the study yet in your home, it is NOT too late. We are still in the book of Genesis. You can pick up a My Bible Survey binder for your children on Sunday to keep all their Kid’s Church notes and I would recommend purchasing the Gospel Story Bible for your family as you reinforce the lessons because each story presents God’s plan for salvation in Christ and points to the Gospel.


If you have any questions please email me at:


Have a great week enjoying your family Bible study.



Here is the Bible lesson summary for this week.

Title: God Preserves Joseph
Passage: Genesis 37
Principle: God cares for His people.
Praise: “Rejoice in the Lord Always”
Prompt: Ask your child these questions:
Which of his sons did Jacob love the most?
What dream did Joseph have?
Why were Joseph’s brothers jealous and angry?
ï‚•What did Joseph’s brothers do to him?
ï‚•How did God preserve Joseph?
Practice: Help your child apply these truths in the following ways:
By confessing anger and jealousy.
By trusting and honoring God even when he has problems with others.
This Week: As a family, read Genesis 37.
Next Week: Genesis 39–50