Kids Church 5/5/2013

Parents, we hope you are enjoying studying through the Bible with your children at home. Matt preached a great message today reminding us we are called to a life of discipleship and how we must intentionally organize our lives so that we can become like Jesus.



Our goal in Kid's Church is to encourage, resource and partner with you as you intentionally disciple your children. We pray you have joy in our family Bible Survey curriculum. Here is the information for this weeks lesson:



Title: God Chooses Jacob over Esau

Passage: Genesis 25:21–26; 27:1–29

Principle: God sovereignly chooses whomever He wants to accomplish His purposes.

Praise: “God Will Take Care of You”

Prompt: Ask your child these questions:
• What were the names of the twins born to Isaac and Rebekah?
• Which brother did God choose to receive the birthright?
• How did Jacob steal the inheritance?
• How was God gracious to Jacob?
Practice: Help your child apply these truths in the following ways:
• By patiently waiting for God’s timing.
• By not committing one sin to make up for another sin.
This Week: As a family, read Genesis 25:21–26; 27:1–29.
Prepare for Next Week, Read: Genesis 32