Sermon Resource for Kids


The Lord has blessed our church with many kids and youth. While the biblical command is for parents to disciple their children, our church staff and pastors are here for support and resourcing you in your sacred calling. As well, together we reach out to kids, youth, and families to evangelize and help them those who come to faith in discipleship. Alll of that said, with covid regulations and our current outside service rhthym my kids have been sitting through the sermons for many months and today I just had the idea of making them a more participatory outline for following along with the sermon. Educationally, this is a great way to teach our kids about active listening and note-taking. Spiritually, the resource is designed to help you with applying the sermon to your kids. 

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. I'll be preaching on the holiday and the book of Psalms. Here's the handout for the message for the kids.

This is my first attempt at a sermon guide for kids/youth so your feedback tommorrow (if you choose to use it) will be appreciated. No presurre. I don't want to create work for anyone. I made it for my kids and thought others would benefit, so I am posting it here so you can print it before church and use it for your kids. Developmentally, I made this thinking about my three older kids: Micah, Elijah, and Talitha. Depending on where your kids are educationally, it may be too much for some and not enough for others (for the more advanced youth, just encourage them to take more notes and for the less advanced or really young please know that Erika makes supplies that are great so make sure you check those out).


Pastor Matt 




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