Family Discipleship 2021

Del Rey Families, 

Our desire is to encourage and support family discipleship through a study of the Scriptures and catechism. We have been surveying the Bible, with Generations of Grace curriculum, and memorizing the New City Catechism for several years. We want to continue our studies by offering digital resources for all of our families, whether you are able to gather on Sunday morning or if you are in quarantine. This post will be updated on a regular basis to include Home Discipleship documents with catechism worksheets and Bible survey materials so that each family can print as needed.

For families who are able to gather on Sunday, they have found it helpful to bring materials for their children to complete during the outdoor service. To reduce printing it might be helpful to purchase hardcopies of the Bible Survey material. Use this link to purchsae the Generations of Grace Year 3 resources.  

It is helpful to reach out to one another and share ideas for how you are using these materials for family discipleship.  If you have questions or need support please reach out so we can collaborate.

Soli Deo gloria, Erika @ delreychurch .com

2021 Schedule 


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Jan-March Overview

January 3, 2021, Christ Lesson 1

January 10 2021, Christ Lesson 2