Election of New Church Board Officers


Dearest DRC Membership,

As at every annual meeting held in December, vacating Church Board Officer positions are to be filled by the congregation. Our constitution requires that the existing Church Board makes nominations to the Nominating Committee, who then reviews the nominations and makes their recommendations to the Membership. The Membership then holds the responsibility of electing persons to the vacating Church Board Officer Positions.

The duty of the Nominating Committee is to serve the church by re-examining our current leaders on the Church Board if they are being re-nominated and by examining potential new leaders for the church board. The Nominating Committee exists to help prevent our church from ruin by prayerfully considering the qualifications of the nominations.

After having reviewed the nominations from the DRC pastors, the Nominating Committee recommendations for vacating positions on the Church Board are as follows:

Church Board Officer Elections

To be held at the Family Business Meeting

December 7, 2020


For Board Chairman

James Sims


For Board Secretary

Brian Criscuolo


This Sunday, October 4, we are launching a weekly prayer meeting on Zoom at 3 PM. Please join us, as we will make mention of these two brothers and servants of Christ and pray for them. Email Tony@delreychurch.com for information about how to join the prayer meeting. The pastors will be providing further context and explanation in the coming weeks as these men are examined and prayerfully considered by you, the membership.

For sake of clarity, however, you ought to know that both men are being recommended for the first time in place of two existing DRC pastors/board officers. Currently, Pastor Dave servers as the Chairman but has retired and moved. Meanwhile, the current pastor serving as Secretary is heading to the mission field. This is information that has been shared at recent Family Business Meetings. It is therefore with great thankfulness in our hearts to God for the faithful service of our outgoing elders, and in gratitude to God for James and Brian, that these recommendations are being made to you today.


To the glory of God in our Church!


For support, questions, concerns, and information about officer positions, elections, and the church board, please contact the members of the Nominating Committee:

Pastor Matt Jones                            matt@delreychurch.com

Bailey Paone                                   baileypaone@gmail.com

Lucy Rodgers                                  connect@delreychurch.com

Wayne Madere                                wayne.madere@gmail.com


Criteria for Board invites… Men who are:

Saved, baptized, walking in holiness, fervent in prayer, and are interested in serving (with time to do so).

Doctrinally on board with the theological convictions of the pastors and preaching of the church.

Members of DRC and have been attending more than 5 years.

Have been faithful in DRC Men’s Group, in which they have been examined by other men at church.

Walk in unity with sisters and brothers in the church—their relationships are good.

Esteemed by the outside world, known for gentleness, humility, and gospel witness.

Responsible with their money, time, family (spouse and children, if married with kids), and stewardship.