Del Rey Parochial School Enrolls its First Student!

Today is an incredible day for Del Rey Church! Today Del Rey Parochial Academy enrolled their first student. It is a historic day for our community and one we have anticipated and prayed about for many years.


Del Rey Parochial Academy will enroll home-school students whose parents are their primary educators. The academy will operate as a ministry of the church and will accept applications from families who are a part of the DRC community and who have a likeminded educational philosophy. The academy will file for legal status as a private school with the State of California for the 2013-2014 school year and is open to students from kindergarten through high school.


Del Rey Church believes it is the right time to build our own educational community for homeschool families so we can encourage and equip those families as they disciple their children. Since we hold family-discipleship so highly at DRC it makes sense that as a congregation we would want to resource, encourage and partner with homeschool families as they make huge sacrifices to be the primary educators of their children. We firmly believe in a parent’s responsibility to disciple and train their children and we aim to provide support and encouragement for parents-teachers and also provide accountability and commitment to educational standards.


It is a significant day for our community as enrollment has officially opened and we have welcomed our first student.